The Gemlog series of GasSensII fixed installation controllers offer single and multiple channel solutions. They can be free standing or integrated into a BMS. Two set points for warning and alarm indication are standard along with password protection of all operating parameters.Where oxygen monitoring is used an additional third set point is available for oxygen enrichment warnings.

All GL series controllers include outputs for audible and visual devices. Switching of solenoid valves or extraction fan requirements is facilitated by additional volt free relays easily incorporated in the GasSensII GL05 and GL06 families. A variety of gas types can be supported from a single controller and all sensors can be allocated to any available zone.

The GL05 & GL06 series have a menu driven 65K colour TFT touch screen display for configuration, calibration and date & time event logging. Both variants are password protected.

The GL05 has two assignable zones to any combination of up to four sensors. The GL06 has as standard 8 sensors with 8 zones. There is also a 16 sensors with 10 zone version. Both system types include volt free relay contacts giving BMS notification of common gas warning, gas alarm, PPB alarm or fault states.

All ‘ALARM’ events (red) are "latching" and need to be manually acknowledged and reset by the user when conditions have returned to normal.

GasSensII - fixed installation controllers          GL05 & GL06 Series

Any ‘WARNING’ events (yellow) will, when conditions return to normal, automatically reset the system.

Included on all alarm screens is a single button press to mute sirens for a user variable timed duration.

Our GL02 series

is a stand-alone system designed for a maximum of two channels.Each receiver module is specific to a specified gas type and can be located up to a distance of 300m from the sensor transmitter.A digital display of gas concentration is standard for each channel with four relay outputs for audible and visual devices or similar.

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