Infrared Sensors

Common gases that can be detected by our IR sensors include Butane, Carbon Dioxide, Ethane, Ethanol, Ethylene, Ethylene Oxide, Hexane, Methane, Methyl Bromide, Nitrous Oxide, Pentane, Propane and Propylene (Propene). 

 We frequently characterise new gas types (often in response to customer requests) to add to our to our growing list so even if you do not see the gas you require in the above list please contact us for advice - we may be able to help! 

 We recently launched a new High Resolution Methane Premier Sensor which covers the range 0-100% volume Methane (CH4). This single sensor can be used to replace either two individual 0-5% and 0-100% infrared sensors or two sets of catalytic (Pellistor) type sensors. As in the case of the Dual-Gas sensor above, this sensor also only requires half the power of two individual sensors. 


Gemlog Controls have recently announced a new range of miniature plug-in infrared gas sensors to replace the current range of "Standard" sensors. These sensors offer the following features: 

  1. Extended operating temperature range of -40degC to +75degC.
  2. Superior performance from -20degC to +50degC when compared to the "Standard" sensor ranges.
  3. Direct replacement for the current "Standard" sensor ranges.
  4. Optional, integral anti-condensation heater.
  5. Reduced baseline temperature dependency when compared to "Standard" sensor ranges. 
  6. Excellent baseline repeatability after temperature cycling. 
  7. Minimum device to device temperature dependency variation. 
  8. Housing and internal optical paths constructed from stainless steel. 
  9. Encapsulated construction for maximum mechanical stability. 


This new product range represents a technological advance over the current "Standard" range; it is therefore our intention to phase-out the old range over a period of time. There will be no change in the sensor prices. 


Traceability is maintained on all materials throughout manufacture.

Certificates of Conformity are available.

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